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Olives and oliveoil
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Orange piece
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Apple slices
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Coffe beans and milk coffee
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Cinnamon stars and baking ingredients in bowls on tray
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Peppermint leaves
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Various beans, close-up
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Fresh fruits, close-up
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A crate of caught fish and eels at the fish market on the dock in Essaouira, Morocco
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Young woman holding apple, close-up, portrait
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Schriftzug Ketchup | Ketchup writing
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Young woman blowing candle on torte, portrait
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Cornflakes, close-up
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Rocket leaves in cup
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Pepper and rock salt, close-up
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Fresh fruits, close-up
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Various beans and legume, close-up
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William횂탐s pear in bottle
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Raisins, close-up
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Hand pouring water into glass, fresh fruits
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Various beans and legume, close-up
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Homemade pickled garlic, close-up
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Orange piece
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Thomas Wakley (1795-1862) English medical and social reformer and friend of William Cobbett. Founded the medical journal The Lancet in 1823.  Exposed adulteration of foodstuffs (1851-1860). Member of Parliament for Finsbury (1835-1852). Coroner for West Middlesex (1839-1862). Engraving.
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Fresh fruits, close-up
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Sage, close-up
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Oatmeal, close-up
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Cloves, close-up
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Cloves, close-up
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Oat bran, close-up
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Pears on tree
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Orange pieces, close-up
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Pot barley, close-up
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Fresh garlic and rosematy on kitchen cloth, close-up
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Wholemeal oatmeal, close-up
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Various beans and legume, close-up
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Sunflower seeds, close-up