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Kakuni burger (Braised pork burger)
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Terreeoboo, King of O'Whyee, bringing presents to Captain Cook'. Terreeoboo and his party travelling by catamaran with 10 men on each side propelling it with paddles. James Cook (1728-1779) British navigator, explorer and cartographer in 1778, on his third and last voyage, was the first European to visit the Hawaiian Islands which he named the Sandwich Islands. Engraving from New System of Geography by Thomas Bankes (London, c1785).
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Gyros bread and salad on plate
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Woman slicing tomatoes
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Spaghetti with bell pepper
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Baguette filled with slices of roast beef.
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Chinese gourmet
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Chinese gourmet
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Pizza garnished with rocket and mushrooms
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Greek Salad with Pepperoni
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Fried sausage on grill
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Sausage and meat on grill, close-up
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Coffee beans in gunnysack, close-up
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Baguette with pork steak and onion slices on wax paper.
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Bacon sandwich
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Chicken dish in roasting tray
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Bowl of Rice with Deep-fried Fish
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Italy, South Tyrol, Mixed salad on plate with a glass of white wine
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Foods laid out on a Table on Campsite
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Noodle dish and salad on tray, elevated view
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antipasti sandwich on white background, close-up
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Sandwich with salami, olives and salad on plate, close-up
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Greek salad and white wine, elevated view
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antipasti sandwich on white background, close-up
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Fish fingers frying in a pan, close up
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Sausages, tomatoes, and bacon in pan