#Active Senior It's time to enjoy your life July 01, 2016
Curated by jiyoung
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Mature woman wearing sunhat and sunglasses blowing dandelion seeds
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Germany, Bavaria, Senior couple riding electric bicycle
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Portrait of smiling woman with tomatoes on her eyes
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Germany, Cologne, Mature man riding bicycle
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Couple at the beach
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Back view of couple sitting on the beach looking to the sea
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Happy elderly couple playing badminton outdoors
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Mature woman relaxing with bowl of cherries on hammock
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Best ager man at the beach
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Two women canoeing
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Mountain biker on dirt track, Valais, Switzerland
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Couple using smartphone to take selfie smiling
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Group of business people raising a toast with champagne at office
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Group of friends standing walking along pier, rear view
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Mature woman and dog, in convertible car, rear view
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Mature couple at garden party throwing head back laughing
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Mature man and adult sons playing guitars by living room fire
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Bearded man looking up in the forest while snowing
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Germany, Bavaria, Man standing in sand
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Smiling man in restaurant having Wiener Schnitzel with French fries
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Couple sitting outdoors, mature woman sharing apple
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Mature man, looking away
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Mature woman practicing yoga childs position in field
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중년부부 - 산책
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Elderly couple sitting back to back in grass reading books
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Portrait of smiling man with closed eyes relaxing on a carpet at home
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Husband and wife looking out of window into garden
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Italy, Tuscany, Maremma, woman painting sunset in rural landscape
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Smiling mature woman harvesting apples
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Mature woman with dog on a meadow
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Couple at the beach
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Business people at business lunch
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Mature woman sitting at table using laptop
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Couple birdwatching
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Portrait of mature woman splashing about in swimming pool
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Group of seniors having fun in kitchen
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Scientist in laboratory examining liquid in round bottom flask
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Elderly friends on a meadow making soap bubbles
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Wife holding bunch of flowers and hugging husband
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USA, New York City, Man standing on rooftop terrace, looking view
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Relaxed mature couple in hammock
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Couple at the beach
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Happy mature couple taking a selfie together in the city
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Couple at the beach
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Mature man pruning bush with secateurs
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Mature man watering plants in garden
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Two mature couples chatting at garden dinner party
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Mature hippy couple riding tricycle and trailer on rural road
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Husband and wife relaxing with bowl of cherries on hammock