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PortForLio, launched in June 2013, aims to become a premier Asian content provider of photographic images, illustrations, videos and other media contents.

Inspired by Asian creativity and driven by modern technological innovations, our mission is to provide the finest, state-of-the-art media contents to the world of advertising and media companies, professionals, web designers, publishers and editors of print and online media, bloggers, students and individuals, supporting an ever-expanding sphere of media content deployment in our world.

Unlike all previous generations, ours is a digitally-connected world of the most visually expressive kind, and PortForLio will be at the forefront of providing contents through fair and easy licensing which meets or exceeds copyright, moral rights, trademark rights and all other recognized rights, in keeping with industry best practices.

Our Product


PortForLio provides fine stock contents of photo, footage and illustration for the creative and editorial use.
Creative content, that is used for the commercial purpose such as advertising and PR, is provided under RM (Rights-Managed) and RF (Royalty-Free) licenses., and editorial content, that is used for the non-commercial purpose such as in newspapers, magazines, blogs, and websites that deal with various social, political, economic, and cultural issues, is generally provided under RM license.

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What is the RM (Rights-Managed) license?

It refers to a license type that specifies user, purpose and duration of use, and grants the use only within the specified range.
As a result, its license fee is determined according to the purpose and duration of use defined by the user.

What is the RF (Royalty-Free) license?

It refers to a license type that allows users to use contents without strict constraints on purpose, duration and repetitive use etc. However, please be noticed that there is limitation of application or additional charge if contents are applied to the following categories: products such as stationery, calendar, books etc, product packages, and personal mobile terminals such as cell phones, PDAs or MP3 players etc.

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